Lighting Size

At HiEnd Lighting, we employ water -resistant LED modules that are suitable for low-profile track installations. This feature creates a subtle, discrete and elegant finish that is near-invisible when switched off.

Power Needed

At HiEnd Lighting, we use low voltage lights with a focus on sustainability, reduced energy-consumption and efficiency. The low voltage enables us to achieve this without compromising the quality or effectiveness of our lights.


HiEnd Lighting systems can be employed for both internal and external use as well as for residential and commercial purposes. Our lights versatility ensures that each and every job can be fulfilled efficiently and effectively.

Weather Proof

We understand that Canada’s climate can be extreme, unforgiving, harsh and unpredictable, that is why we have designed our lights to suit and adapt to such a climate at HiEnd Lighting. Durability and long-lasting products are at the forefront of our production values which is why our lights can endure even the most severe weather conditions, including temperatures ranging from -40 to +50.


The brightness of a light is of course central to their effectiveness, value and use. A light may be easy to install, be weather proof and eco-friendly but if the products lack brightness then its effectiveness is undermined. This is why at HiEnd Lighting, our system provides 324 lumens of vivid colour lighting. These lumens are also individually controllable, enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency. If you’re looking to enhance your existing lighting, create new light features, employ your brand colours or project your own animations, Hi End Lighting has got you covered. You can control, design and enjoy the lighting shows, projections and animations from the comfort of your own home through the use of an app on your smartphone because we believe in creating a seamless and stress-free process.


At HiEnd Lighting, eco friendly and environmentally sustainable products are of the utmost importance to us an to our company. We recognize the current climate crisis the environment is facing which is why we are doing all we can to ensure that our products tread the earth lightly while meeting your needs. We believe in low-energy lights so it’s no surprise that our lights rely on an extra low voltage system. With easy installation, a user-friendly nature and environmentally friendly features, we are proud of our lights because they benefit both you and environmentally friendly features, we are proud of our lights because they benefit both you and the planet. With high efficiency and low-voltage LED lights, you save both time and money thanks to our energy-saving lights. You also save money on potential replacement costs due to their long-lasting nature.