Decorative Landscape Curbing

The only permanent edging that is both highly attractive and cost-effective, and yet has the versatility to please the most discriminating taste. Produced by a unique, automated process, decorative curbing compliments any landscape setting.

Why Curbing?

  • Installation is quick &easy, with little or no mess
  • It’s permanent and maintenance-free
  • Reduces trimming and edging time and saves money by preserving bedding materials
  • Prevents erosion and helps irrigate expensive flowers & plants
  • Provides barriers for roots and borders for grass, patios, and driveways
  • Other edging products rust, rot, break and shift – but curbing remains vibrant for the life of your landscape!
  • As a result, curbing is the most cost-effective, attractive, and sensible edging product available today!


  • Curbing beautifies and compliments any landscape setting
  • A clean, distinctive look that neighbors will envy
  • A truly value-added improvement in one day!


  • Matches any style or hardscape, with looks of brick, stone, slate and many other patterns
  • Curbing can border flower beds, mailboxes, driveways, tree rings, patios, pools or any other settings
  • Used in residential, commercial, new construction, older homes and all other types of properties


  • There are dozens of curb styles, shapes, and patterns
  • Add curbing to the front yard, back yard or the entire property
  • A wide range of colors, accents, and antique looks to choose from means every curbing jobis unique!

The Many Uses of Concrete Curbing!


  • Flower beds, gardens, and natural areas
  • Tree rings, mailboxes & courtyards
  • Around any hardscape setting


  • Parking lots & curb stops
  • Drainage & erosion control
  • Around utility poles & lines

Municipalities & Parks

  • Playgrounds & common areas
  • Neighborhood pools & clubs
  • Golf courses, putt-putt courses & artificial greens

Our Services

  • Installation of continuous concrete curbing
  • Design work—Expert advise On what suits your needs
  • Layout
  • Sod Cutting
  • Installing Curb
  • Customized stamping
  • See inside for residential and commercial services


  • Curbing increases aesthetics & property value
  • 2 year warranty period on material
  • Lowest price guaranteed-we meet and beat competitors pricing with a written quotation
  • No compromise on quality


There are four choice categories for the style of the curb - each has options.

1- Profile   2- Integral Colour    3- Release Colour     4- Texture

Ours is a MIX-N-MATCH system, so there are endless combinations. But making up your own combination may not be necessary. Most people opt for one of the curbs depicted in the photos on our page It is still useful to understand how they relate:

1) Profile
The Profile is the cross-sectional shape of the curb. Most residential curbing is done with either the simpler “mower edge” or the frequently stamped “Low angle border”

2) Integral color
This is also called the “base color” it is the color-tinted all the way through the concrete when it is mixed

3) Release Colour
These are the colors that get used to stain the surface of the concrete in the stamping process. The color is dusted onto the surface before the stamp texture is applied. It is then washed in to provide a stained antique effect, settling mainly into the lower areas of the stamp impression

4) Texture
This is also called the “stamp” it is the impression made into the surface of the concrete when it is still soft.

There are two kinds of color involved with curbing.

1) The BASE color also called Integral color which is the color the concrete is tinted throughout; and

2) The colors used in stamping which are called RELEASE colors because they prevent the texture stamp/s from sticking, and add colored impressions, marks, and staining effects to the surface of the concrete.

Some curb companies use an untinted base color of concrete and color only the top layer using a slurry coating of “color hardener” or their own mix. We do not use slurry colors. Their method saves a lot on integral color, as the dyes are expensive. But when these inevitable chips, show a garish white scar that is almost impossible to repair or avoid seeing.

For that reason, we use integral colors only. We cannot achieve really strong color contrasts the way slurry coating can, but for our climate, integral colors perform better and are much more durable. Also, we have seen many slurry coats fail when applied in hot weather. Our system is similar to what is used around Edmonton on stamped sidewalks and driveways. You never see slurry coats used on a sidewalk because it does not last in our climate. Slurry coated curbing also tends to be much more expensive, as in the franchise system brands.

It is important to know that concrete color is somewhat unpredictable due to many factors, and we do not have the same control over color that people have grown to expect with paints. Variables include dye batches, cement color, aggregate color, heat, wind, humidity, technique, and tools. If you doubt our word on it, just read the small print on the Davis color brochure! Or go look at the tinted traffic barriers along the LRT in the Southgate area. The variations are enormous- yet the concrete was done by the most experienced contractors in the city, and supplied by computerized batch systems.

1)Concrete Integral (base) colours

You will notice in the chart below there are colours named by our supplier- Davis Colours, right on each chip. WE DO NOT USE THEIR NOMENCLATURE, just their numbers! Please use the name below each chip when communicating with us. We use the colour number or main name with variations of LIGHT, MEDIUM, and DARK sometimes VERY DARK. This system avoids errors in the field. So when you specify a colour for us you use the term UNDER the chip, please. The curb picker has the colours named as we use them

Here is the base colour palette: colours can be lightened but not darkened from this approximate tone.

2) Release Colours:

We use Brickform release colours. Not all colours manufactured by Brickform are available to us, nor are they all useful in curbing, so we are picturing the ones we commonly use. See the release colour palette below: